Zbrush Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

ZBrush is a digital sculpting software that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing, and painting. It is used by professional artists and independent creators to create high-quality 3D models for a variety of industries, including games, film, and animation.


Paid Plans Start From $895 USD

Key Features

  • Polypainting: ZBrush’s Polypainting feature allows artists to paint directly on the surface of a 3D model, giving them precise control over the color and texture of their creations.
  • Dynamic Subdivision: ZBrush’s Dynamic Subdivision feature allows artists to work on a high-resolution model without having to worry about slow performance. This makes it possible to create incredibly detailed models without sacrificing speed.
  • ZModeler: ZBrush’s ZModeler toolset is a powerful set of sculpting tools that allow artists to create and manipulate 3D models with ease.
  • GoZ: ZBrush’s GoZ feature allows artists to seamlessly transfer models between ZBrush and other 3D applications, such as Maya and 3ds Max.

use Case

  • Game development: ZBrush is widely used in the game development industry to create high-quality 3D models for characters, props, and environments.
  • Film and animation: ZBrush is also used in the film and animation industry to create 3D models for characters, creatures, and environments.
  • Product design: ZBrush is also used in the product design industry to create 3D models for prototypes and final products.

Zbrush alternatives

How Zbrush Works


Edition Price
ZBrush $895 USD
ZBrushCore $195 USD

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