WriteMage Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

WriteMage is a native macOS and iOS app that integrates ChatGPT into users’ workflows, acting as a context-aware assistant that enhances user interactions across different applications. It is a versatile chat GPT integration that retains session data and offers relevant answers, facilitating easy continuation of conversations and conserving chat history locally.

WriteMage is a dynamic AI app that incorporates chat GPT into macOS and iOS workflows, enabling users to amplify their productivity in numerous applications.


Paid Plans Start From $47

Key Features

  • Native Integration: WriteMage integrates seamlessly into users’ workflows on macOS and iOS devices.
  • Context-Aware Assistance: WriteMage offers a floating assistant that remembers session data and provides relevant answers based on context.
  • Multi-App Support: WriteMage can be used with any app that supports text input, including email, messaging, social media, and word processing apps.
  • Productivity Enhancements: WriteMage provides a variety of productivity enhancements, such as auto-complete, text generation, and translation.

use Case

  • Writing emails, blog posts, and other types of creative content
  • Translating languages
  • Writing code
  • Generating code snippets
  • Answering questions in a comprehensive and informative way
  • Debugging code
  • Generating marketing copy
  • Researching topics

WriteMage alternatives

How WriteMage Works


Plan Price Features
Basic Free Use WriteMage with your own OpenAI API key
Hobby $47 Use WriteMage on 1 macOS device and have no word limit
Personal $57 Use WriteMage on 2 macOS devices and have no word limit
Standard $87 Use WriteMage on 3 macOS devices and have no word limit
Team $137 Use WriteMage on 5 macOS devices and have no word limit

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