Voyager Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Voyager is the first LLM-powered embodied lifelong learning agent in Minecraft that continuously explores the world, acquires diverse skills, and makes novel discoveries without human intervention.


Paid Plans Start From $10/month

Key Features

  • Continuous exploration: Voyager is able to explore the world autonomously, without human intervention. This allows it to discover new items, locations, and creatures.
  • Diverse skills: Voyager can learn a wide variety of skills, including mining, crafting, building, and fighting. This allows it to adapt to different environments and challenges.
  • Novel discoveries: Voyager is able to make novel discoveries, such as new ways to solve problems or new paths through the world. This makes it a powerful tool for research and exploration.
  • Generalization: Voyager is able to generalize to novel tasks without retraining. This means that it can apply the skills it has learned in one environment to a new environment.

use Case

  • Voyager can be used to explore new worlds and environments.
  • Voyager can be used to solve problems in Minecraft, such as building structures or defeating enemies.
  • Voyager can be used to research new AI techniques.
  • Voyager can be used to develop new games and simulations.

Voyager alternatives

How Voyager Works


Plan Features Price
Starter 1 Voyager instance $10/month
Pro 5 Voyager instances $50/month
Enterprise Unlimited Voyager instances Contact us for pricing

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