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Venturefy is a public wiki of verified B2B relationships. It uses artificial intelligence to collect and organize data on millions of companies and their relationships with each other. This data can be used by businesses to research potential partners, identify new opportunities, and build stronger relationships.


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Key Features

  • Search and explore verified relationship listings for any company.
  • Discover listings that already exist for your brand.
  • View detailed information about each relationship, including the companies involved, the nature of the relationship, and the date it was established.
  • Get insights into the B2B landscape, such as the most popular industries and the most active companies.
  • Stay up-to-date on changes to the B2B landscape with real-time notifications.

use Case

  • Sales: Use Venturefy to research potential customers and partners.
  • Marketing: Use Venturefy to identify new marketing opportunities and target your campaigns more effectively.
  • Business development: Use Venturefy to build stronger relationships with your customers and partners.
  • Strategy: Use Venturefy to gain insights into the B2B landscape and make informed strategic decisions. alternatives

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Free 100 searches per month
Pro $29 per month, unlimited searches
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