Tonkean LegalGPT Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Tonkean LegalGPT is a large language model (LLM) developed by Tonkean that is specifically designed for the legal industry. It is trained on a massive dataset of legal documents and data, and is able to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Identifying legal issues in contracts and other documents
  • Generating legal summaries
  • Answering legal questions
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Classifying legal documents
  • Extracting legal data from documents

LegalGPT is powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). It is able to understand the nuances of legal language and provide accurate and insightful results. LegalGPT is a valuable tool for legal professionals who want to improve their efficiency and accuracy.


Paid Plans Start From $100/month

Key Features

  • Legal knowledge: LegalGPT is trained on a massive dataset of legal documents and data, giving it a deep understanding of legal concepts and principles.
  • Legal reasoning: LegalGPT is able to reason about legal issues and draw conclusions based on the evidence it is given.
  • Legal language generation: LegalGPT can generate legal documents, summaries, and answers to legal questions in clear and concise language.
  • Legal document classification: LegalGPT can classify legal documents according to their type, such as contracts, leases, or wills.
  • Legal data extraction: LegalGPT can extract key information from legal documents, such as dates, parties, and legal terms.

use Case

  • Contract review: LegalGPT can be used to review contracts and identify potential legal issues.
  • Legal research: LegalGPT can be used to research legal issues and find relevant legal precedents.
  • Legal drafting: LegalGPT can be used to draft legal documents, such as contracts, leases, and wills.
  • Legal compliance: LegalGPT can be used to ensure that legal documents comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Legal education: LegalGPT can be used to educate students and lawyers about legal concepts.

Tonkean LegalGPT alternatives

How Tonkean LegalGPT Works


Plan Price Features
Starter Free Contract review, legal research, legal document drafting
Professional $100/month All features of the Starter plan, plus unlimited automations
Enterprise $2,000/month All features of the Professional plan, plus custom integrations and dedicated support

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