Smudge Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Smudge is a developer color palette app with built-in AI assistance that helps you choose, convert, organize, and share colors for your projects. It offers a variety of features to make color selection and management easy and efficient, including:

  • A color picker to choose colors by hue, saturation, and lightness
  • The ability to enter color values to convert them to HEX, RGB, and Swift codes
  • A history of recently used colors
  • The ability to save frequently used colors to your favorites
  • The ability to create and organize color palettes
  • The ability to share color palettes with others
  • An AI color extraction tool to generate palettes based on specific elements within an image
  • An AI assistant tool to generate palettes based on specific search phrases

Smudge is a valuable tool for developers, designers, and anyone else who works with colors. It can help you save time, improve your workflow, and create more visually appealing projects.


Paid Plans Start From $5/month

Key Features

  • Color selection and conversion: Choose colors using the color picker or by entering values and convert them to HEX, RGB, and Swift codes.
  • Color organization: Group colors into palettes, name them, and add notes for easy management and reference.
  • Collaboration and sharing: Share palettes with team members, set permissions, and collaborate effectively on color selection.
  • AI-powered features: Generate palettes based on specific elements within an image or search phrases.
  • Cloud sync: All your palettes and colors are available on all your Apple devices.

use Case

  • Web and app development: Streamline the process of choosing and organizing colors for websites and applications.
  • Graphic design: Easily manage and share color palettes for graphic design projects.
  • Collaborative design teams: Enable seamless collaboration and coordination of colors among team members.
  • Personal use: Create and save your favorite color palettes for future projects.

Smudge alternatives

How Smudge Works


Plan Price
Free 1 palette, 50 color extractions per month
Pro $5/month
Team $10/month per user

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