Sirens Gallery Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Sirens Gallery is a charity NFT project created by ZibraAI to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The project features 1991 NFTs, each of which represents a unique piece of digital art inspired by the war in Ukraine. The NFTs are being sold on the OpenSea marketplace, and all proceeds from the sale will go to two charities: and Unchain Fund.


Paid Plans Start From Bronze / 0.05 ETH

Key Features

  • 1991 unique NFTs, each representing a piece of digital art inspired by the war in Ukraine
  • All proceeds from the sale of NFTs go to charity
  • NFTs are sold on the OpenSea marketplace
  • NFTs can be used to access exclusive content and events

use Case

Sirens Gallery is a unique way to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine. By purchasing an NFT, you can help to raise money for two important charities that are providing essential support to those affected by the war. In addition, you will also receive a unique piece of digital art that commemorates this important event.

Sirens Gallery alternatives

How Sirens Gallery Works


Tier Price
Bronze 0.05 ETH
Silver 0.1 ETH
Gold 0.2 ETH
Platinum 0.5 ETH
Diamond 1 ETH

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