SaneBox Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

SaneBox is an email management service that helps you get control of your inbox. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically filter out unimportant emails, so you can focus on the ones that matter. SaneBox also offers a variety of features to help you organize your email, such as snoozing, bundling, and archiving.


Paid Plans Start From $3.49/month

Key Features

  • Automatic email filtering: SaneBox uses artificial intelligence to identify and filter out unimportant emails. This means you can focus on the emails that matter without having to constantly sort through your inbox.
  • Snoozing: SaneBox allows you to snooze emails so they reappear in your inbox at a later date. This is perfect for emails that you don’t need to deal with right away, but you don’t want to forget about.
  • Bundling: SaneBox bundles together similar emails so you can quickly scan them and take action. This is a great way to deal with newsletters, promotional emails, and other types of bulk email.
  • Archiving: SaneBox allows you to archive old emails so they’re out of your inbox but still accessible. This is a great way to clean up your inbox and free up space.

use Case

SaneBox is a great solution for anyone who is overwhelmed by email. It can help you get control of your inbox and focus on the emails that matter. Here are some use cases for SaneBox:

  • Busy professionals: SaneBox can help busy professionals save time by automatically filtering out unimportant emails. This frees up time so they can focus on the tasks that matter most.
  • Entrepreneurs: SaneBox can help entrepreneurs stay organized by bundling together similar emails and archiving old emails. This helps them to keep their inbox clean and focused on the tasks at hand.
  • Students: SaneBox can help students stay on top of their email by automatically filtering out unimportant emails and snoozing emails that they don’t need to deal with right away. This helps them to stay focused on their studies.

SaneBox alternatives

How SaneBox Works


Plan Price Features
Snack $3.49/month 1 email account, 2 features
Lunch $5.99/month 2 email accounts, 6 features
Dinner $16.99/month 4 email accounts, all features

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