Roketfy Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Roketfy is a virtual listing assistant that helps Etsy sellers boost their sales. It provides sellers with data-driven insights and recommendations to optimize their listings, improve their search rankings, and increase their sales. Some of Roketfy’s key features include a listing checker, product research, keyword research, competitor analysis, and an AI writer.


Paid Plans Start From $19 per month

Key Features

  • Listing checker: Roketfy’s listing checker helps sellers identify and fix any errors or omissions in their listings. This can help to improve the quality of their listings and make them more likely to be found by buyers.
  • Product research: Roketfy’s product research tool helps sellers find trending products and niches to sell. This can help them to identify new opportunities to grow their businesses.
  • Keyword research: Roketfy’s keyword research tool helps sellers find the right keywords to use in their listings and marketing campaigns. This can help them to improve their search rankings and reach more potential customers.
  • Competitor analysis: Roketfy’s competitor analysis tool helps sellers track their competitors’ listings and performance. This can help them to identify areas where they need to improve their own listings.
  • AI writer: Roketfy’s AI writer helps sellers generate high-quality product descriptions and other marketing materials. This can save them time and help them to create more effective marketing campaigns.

use Case

  • An Etsy seller who is new to the platform can use Roketfy to learn how to optimize their listings and conduct product research.
  • An Etsy seller who is struggling to increase sales can use Roketfy to identify areas for improvement in their listings and marketing strategy.
  • An Etsy seller who wants to expand their product line can use Roketfy to find new market opportunities and identify trending products.
  • An Etsy seller who wants to improve their customer satisfaction can use Roketfy to analyze their reviews and identify areas for improvement.

Roketfy alternatives

How Roketfy Works


Plan Price Features
Basic $19 per month Listing optimization, product research, review analysis
Premium $49 per month Basic features + AI writer, more detailed data

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