Regula AI Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Regula AI is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage regulatory compliance. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the process of identifying, extracting, and organizing regulatory requirements from a variety of sources. This allows businesses to save time and money, while also reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Regul.AI offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for regulatory compliance management. These features include:

  • Document organization and management: Regul.AI allows users to create their own legal cadastre and collections from all existing and their own documents. The platform also offers a simple collaboration feature that allows users to work together on projects.
  • Exclusive up-to-date document database: Regul.AI’s document database contains exclusively documents from primary government sources with machine document scawling. The documents are standardized with keyword tagging and search, making them easy to find and use.
  • AI identification of regulatory requirements: Regul.AI uses AI to identify regulatory requirements from documents. This allows users to quickly identify the requirements that apply to their business.
  • Expert-in-the-loop collaboration: Regul.AI allows users to collaborate with experts from companies, service providers, and legal counsel. This ensures that the platform’s AI is always up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes.
  • Missing something? We develop: Regul.AI is constantly being developed to meet the needs of its users. If you need a feature that is not currently available, the Regul.AI team will develop it for you.


Paid Plans Start From $100/month

Key Features

  • AI-powered regulatory compliance management
  • Document organization and management
  • Up-to-date document database
  • AI identification of regulatory requirements
  • Expert-in-the-loop collaboration
  • Customizable platform

use Case

  • Regul.AI can be used by businesses of all sizes to manage regulatory compliance.
  • The platform can be used to comply with a variety of regulations, including:
    • Financial regulations
    • Environmental regulations
    • Healthcare regulations
    • Consumer protection regulations
  • Regul.AI can be used by businesses in a variety of industries, including:
    • Financial services
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Technology

Regula AI alternatives

How Regula AI Works


Plan Price Users Features
Free $0 5 Document organization and management, exclusive up-to-date document database
Standard $100/month 10 All features of the Free plan, plus AI-powered identification of regulatory requirements
Premium $500/month 25 All features of the Standard plan, plus collaboration features and reporting and analytics
Enterprise Custom Custom All features of the Premium plan, plus custom features and support

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