Refocus Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Refocus is an online education platform that helps people in Southeast Asia master new skills from scratch and land their first job in IT. The platform offers a wide range of courses, including data analytics, web development, and digital marketing. Refocus is known for its high-quality content, interactive learning modules, and supportive community.


Paid Plans Start From $99

Key Features

  • High-quality content: Refocus’s courses are created by experienced industry professionals and are updated regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • Interactive learning modules: Refocus’s courses use a variety of interactive learning modules, such as quizzes, exercises, and projects, to help students learn effectively.
  • Supportive community: Refocus has a supportive community of students and instructors who are available to help each other learn and succeed.

use Case

Let’s say you are a recent college graduate who is looking to start a career in data analytics. You have no prior experience in data analytics, but you are eager to learn. You decide to sign up for Refocus’s Data Analytics course. The course covers the basics of data analytics, such as data collection, data cleaning, and data analysis. It also teaches you how to use popular data analysis tools, such as Excel and Python.

After completing the course, you feel confident in your ability to analyze data. You start applying for data analyst jobs and eventually land a job at a tech company. You are now using your data analysis skills to help the company make better decisions.

Refocus alternatives

How Refocus Works


Course Price
Introduction to Data Science $99
Web Development Bootcamp $199
Digital Marketing Masterclass $299
Data Science Career Track $499

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