Real or Fake Text Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Real or Fake Text is a web-based game that aims to improve the ability of humans to detect machine-generated text. The game presents users with pairs of text passages, one written by a human and the other by an AI, and asks them to identify the real one. RoFT uses a variety of AI text generation models to produce realistic fake text, making the challenge even more difficult.


Paid Plans Start From $5/month

Key Features

  • Gamified learning: RoFT is designed to be fun and engaging, making it a great way to learn how to identify fake text.
  • Varied text formats: RoFT presents users with text passages in a variety of formats, including news articles, emails, social media posts, and product reviews. This helps users to develop their skills in identifying fake text across different genres.
  • Real-time feedback: RoFT provides immediate feedback after each question, so users can learn from their mistakes.
  • Leaderboard: RoFT features a leaderboard that allows users to track their progress and compare their performance to others.
  • Educational resources: RoFT provides educational resources to help users understand the different techniques used by AI text generation models.

use Case

  • Educators: RoFT can be used as a teaching tool in classrooms to help students learn how to identify fake news and misinformation.
  • Journalists: RoFT can be used by journalists to improve their ability to detect fake news articles.
  • Researchers: RoFT can be used by researchers to study the effectiveness of different AI text generation models.
  • Individuals: RoFT can be used by individuals who want to improve their ability to identify fake text online.

Real or Fake Text alternatives

How Real or Fake Text Works


Plan Price Features
Free $0 Basic features
Pro $5/month All features, plus access to additional categories and difficulty levels
Team $10/month All features, plus the ability to create custom leaderboards and challenges

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