Readshark Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Sure, here is an abstract about Readshark, a subscription-based platform that offers busy professionals access to a comprehensive library of book summaries in video, audio, and text formats:

Readshark is a unique learning platform that provides busy professionals with the ability to stay informed on the latest business and personal development literature without having to read full-length books. The platform’s summaries are designed to be consumed in under 15 minutes, making it easy to fit learning into even the busiest schedules.

Readshark’s library includes summaries of over 1,000 best-selling books, covering a wide range of topics such as leadership, sales, personal development, communication, and management. The summaries are created by a team of experts and are designed to be engaging and informative.

In addition to its comprehensive library, Readshark also offers a variety of features that make it an ideal learning platform for busy professionals. These features include:

  • Customizable learning plans: Users can create customized learning plans based on their individual interests and goals.
  • Progress tracking: Users can track their progress through the platform and see how much they have learned.
  • Social learning features: Users can connect with other learners and discuss the book summaries.

Readshark is a valuable resource for busy professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills. The platform’s comprehensive library, engaging summaries, and customizable features make it an ideal way to learn new things without having to commit to reading full-length books.


Paid Plans Start From $29.97/month

Key Features

  • Over 1,000 best-selling business and personal development book summaries
  • Summaries in video, audio, and text formats
  • Expertly curated content
  • Customizable learning plans
  • Progress tracking
  • Social learning features

use Case

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest business and personal development literature
  • Learn new skills and improve your knowledge
  • Prepare for a job interview or presentation
  • Get inspired and motivated
  • Connect with other learners and share ideas

Readshark alternatives

How Readshark Works


Plan Price Features
Individual $29.97/month Access to all book summaries in video, audio, and text formats.
Premium $49.97/month All features of the Individual plan, plus unlimited access to the Readshark community and exclusive discounts.
Business $99.97/month All features of the Premium plan, plus team access and customization options.

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