Razoroo | AI Recruiting Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Razoroo is an AI-powered recruiting firm that helps businesses find and hire top talent in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company’s proprietary technology uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify and assess candidates, automate tasks, and provide insights that help businesses make better hiring decisions.


Paid Plans Start From $1,000/month

Key Features

  • A large database of AI and machine learning talent
  • A proprietary AI-powered matching algorithm
  • A team of experienced recruiters who are experts in the AI and machine learning space
  • A commitment to providing a fast, efficient, and personalized recruiting experience

use Case

  • A startup is looking to hire its first AI engineer. Razoroo can help the startup identify and assess qualified candidates, automate the screening process, and provide insights that help the startup make the best hiring decision.
  • A large enterprise is looking to fill a critical AI role. Razoroo can help the enterprise find and hire a top AI talent, quickly and efficiently.
  • A university is looking to recruit students for its AI program. Razoroo can help the university identify and attract top AI talent, and provide support to students throughout their academic journey.

Razoroo | AI Recruiting alternatives

How Razoroo | AI Recruiting Works


Service Price
Candidate search $1,000/month
Screening and assessment $2,000/month
Interview scheduling $3,000/month
Offer negotiation $4,000/month
Full-service recruiting $5,000/month

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