Quizify Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Quizify is a powerful quiz builder that helps you create engaging and interactive quizzes in minutes. With Quizify, you can use AI to create quizzes that are tailored to your audience’s needs, and you can also use gamification to make learning more fun. Quizify is perfect for teachers, trainers, and anyone else who wants to create effective and memorable learning experiences.


Paid Plans Start From $19 per month

Key Features

  • AI-powered quiz creation: Quizify uses AI to help you create quizzes that are tailored to your audience’s needs. This means that your quizzes will be more engaging and effective than ever before.
  • Gamification: Quizify uses gamification to make learning more fun. This includes features like badges, leaderboards, and rewards, which can help to keep your learners motivated.
  • Easy to use: Quizify is easy to use, even if you’re not a technical expert. You can create a quiz in minutes, and you can easily edit and update your quizzes as needed.
  • Mobile-friendly: Quizify is mobile-friendly, so your learners can take your quizzes on their phones or tablets.
  • Analytics: Quizify provides detailed analytics so you can track your learners’ progress and see how they’re doing. This information can help you to improve your quizzes and make them even more effective.

use Case

  • Education: Quizify can be used to create quizzes for students of all ages. This includes quizzes for K-12, college, and university students.
  • Training: Quizify can be used to create quizzes for employees and trainees. This includes quizzes for onboarding, compliance, and skills training.
  • Marketing: Quizify can be used to create quizzes for marketing campaigns. This includes quizzes for lead generation, product recommendations, and customer surveys.
  • Personal use: Quizify can be used for personal learning and development. This includes quizzes for self-improvement, hobbies, and interests.

Quizify alternatives

How Quizify Works


  • Free plan: The free plan allows you to create up to 5 quizzes and have up to 50 learners.
  • Pro plan: The pro plan costs $19 per month and allows you to create unlimited quizzes and have unlimited learners.
  • Business plan: The business plan costs $49 per month and includes all of the features of the pro plan, plus additional features such as advanced analytics and white-label branding.

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