PDFParser Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

PDFParser.co is a powerful PDF parser that can extract text, images, metadata, and other data from PDF files. It supports a wide range of features, including


Paid Plans Start From $10/month

Key Features

  • Extract text, images, and metadata from PDF files
  • Decrypt and encrypt PDF files
  • Parse embedded files
  • Analyze PDF structure
  • Detect malicious PDF files
  • Command-line interface and Go library

use Case

  • Extracting data from PDF files for analysis
  • Converting PDF files to other formats
  • Parsing PDF files for security vulnerabilities
  • Extracting text from PDF files for machine learning or natural language processing
  • Extracting images from PDF files for use in other applications
  • Parsing PDF files for embedded files, such as malicious code or hidden content

PDFParser alternatives

How PDFParser Works


Plan Price
Basic $10/month
Standard $20/month
Premium $50/month

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