NannyML Regression v0.8.0 Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

NannyML is an open-source library for post-deployment data science. It helps you monitor the performance of your machine learning models, detect data drift, and alert you when something goes wrong. NannyML is completely model-agnostic and currently supports all tabular use cases, classification, and regression.


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Key Features

  • Performance estimation: NannyML can estimate the performance of your deployed machine learning models, so you can track how they are doing over time.
  • Drift detection: NannyML can detect data drift, which is when the distribution of your data changes over time. This can cause your machine learning models to become less accurate.
  • Alerting: NannyML can alert you when something goes wrong with your machine learning models. This could be a drop in performance, a change in data distribution, or an error in the model itself.
  • Distribution monitoring: NannyML can monitor the distribution of your data over time. This helps you to identify potential problems with your data, such as data drift or data corruption.
  • Data quality: NannyML can help you to assess the quality of your data. This is important for ensuring that your machine learning models are accurate.

use Case

A company that uses machine learning to predict customer churn could use NannyML to monitor the performance of their model. NannyML could alert the company if the model’s accuracy starts to decline, which could indicate that customer behavior is changing. This would give the company time to take corrective action, such as adjusting their marketing strategy.

NannyML Regression v0.8.0 alternatives

How NannyML Regression v0.8.0 Works


  • Free: The free plan includes basic performance estimation and drift detection.
  • Pro: The Pro plan includes all of the features of the free plan, plus data quality monitoring and alerting.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan includes all of the features of the Pro plan, plus custom pricing and support.

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