KeywordSearch Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create high-performing ad audiences. The platform uses machine learning to analyze your business, audience data, and uncover hidden patterns. This information is then used to identify the most relevant and high-performing audiences for your Google & YouTube ad campaigns.


Paid Plans Start From $97/month

Key Features

  • AI Audience Builder: This feature uses AI to automatically create and expand your ad audiences.
  • YouTube Ad Spy: This feature allows you to spy on your competitor’s YouTube ads and see which keywords they are targeting.
  • Keyword Research: This feature helps you discover the best keywords to target in your YouTube channel and ads.
  • Google Sync: This feature allows you to easily sync your ad audiences with Google and YouTube ads.

use Case

A business owner who sells shoes could use to create a high-performing ad audience for their Google & YouTube ads. The platform would analyze the business’s audience data and uncover hidden patterns. This information would then be used to identify the most relevant and high-performing audiences for the ads. For example, the platform might identify that the business’s ideal customers are women aged 25-35 who are interested in fashion. The platform would then create an ad audience that targets these women.

KeywordSearch alternatives

How KeywordSearch Works


Plan Price Features
Keyword Search $97/month 10 AI audience searches/month, YouTube channel & video search
Ad Spy $197/month Everything in Keyword, plus: Ad Spy: spy on competitor’s ads, 100 AI audience searches/month
AI Audiences $297+/month Everything in Ad Spy, plus: 1,000 AI searches/month, Access to 1-click Google Sync for ad audiences

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