iChatWithGPT Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

iChatWithGPT is a personal AI assistant that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to provide users with a variety of helpful services, including web research, reminders, and habit tracking. iChatWithGPT is available on iPhone and Apple Watch, and it can be accessed through iMessage.


Paid Plans Start From $9.99

Key Features

  • AI-powered web research: iChatWithGPT can access and summarize information from the web, providing users with instant recommendations, news summaries, weather forecasts, and even game results.
  • Reminders: iChatWithGPT can help users stay on track by setting reminders for tasks, appointments, and events.
  • Habit tracking: iChatWithGPT can help users build and maintain good habits by tracking their progress and providing encouragement.
  • Accessibility: iChatWithGPT is accessible from iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, CarPlay, and Siri.

use Case

iChatWithGPT can be used by anyone who wants to get more done in less time. It is particularly well-suited for busy professionals who need help staying on track and managing their time. iChatWithGPT can also be used by students, stay-at-home parents, and anyone else who wants to improve their productivity.

iChatWithGPT alternatives

How iChatWithGPT Works


Plan Price
Monthly $9.99
Yearly $99.99 (save 10%)
Lifetime $299.99 (save 60%)

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