Hydra 2 Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Hydra 2 is a professional HDR editor for Mac and iOS that lets you create stunning HDR images from a set of exposures. It features a powerful set of tools for merging exposures, adjusting tone mapping, and adding creative effects. Hydra is also optimized for Metal, providing fast and responsive performance.


Paid Plans Start From $29.99

Key Features

  • HDR merging: Hydra can merge up to 60 exposures to create a single HDR image. It uses a variety of algorithms to ensure that the resulting image is natural and free of artifacts.
  • Tone mapping: Hydra provides a variety of tone mapping algorithms to adjust the contrast and brightness of your HDR images. You can also create custom tone maps to achieve your desired look.
  • Creative effects: Hydra includes a variety of creative effects that you can use to add drama or atmosphere to your HDR images. These effects include bloom, vignetting, and color grading.
  • Metal optimization: Hydra is optimized for Metal, providing fast and responsive performance even on high-resolution images.

use Case

  • Landscape photography: Hydra is ideal for landscape photography, as it can help you capture the full dynamic range of a scene.
  • Architecture photography: Hydra can be used to capture the details of architectural subjects, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Studio photography: Hydra can be used to create stunning HDR portraits and product shots.
  • Sports photography: Hydra can be used to capture the action of sporting events in HDR, even in low-light conditions.

Hydra 2 alternatives

How Hydra 2 Works


Platform Price
Mac $29.99
iOS $9.99

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