Huski AI Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Huski AI is an AI-powered trademark infringement compliance software for e-commerce brands. It helps brands to save time and money by automating the trademark search and monitoring process. Huski AI also provides insights into the trademark landscape, so brands can make informed decisions about their trademark protection strategy.


Paid Plans Start From $99/month

Key Features

  • AI-powered trademark infringement detection: uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing to identify potential trademark infringements. This includes both text-based infringements, such as using a similar brand name or logo, and image-based infringements, such as using a similar product design.
  • Trademark portfolio management: provides users with tools to manage their trademark portfolios. This includes tracking the status of trademark applications, monitoring for potential infringements, and generating reports.
  • Response to infringements: provides users with tools to respond to trademark infringements. This includes sending cease and desist letters, filing trademark infringement lawsuits, and managing online reputation.

use Case

A small e-commerce brand that sells clothing is concerned about trademark infringement. They have heard stories of other brands having their products counterfeited and sold on Amazon. They want to protect their brand and ensure that their customers are buying authentic products.

The brand uses to monitor their trademark portfolio. alerts the brand to potential infringements, such as a new brand using a similar name or logo. The brand can then take action to address the infringement, such as sending a cease and desist letter.

Huski AI alternatives

How Huski AI Works

pricing offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of different businesses. The plans are based on the number of trademarks that a business has and the level of features that they need.

Pricing Plan Features Price
Basic Trademark infringement detection $99/month
Standard Trademark portfolio management $199/month
Premium Response to infringements $299/month

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