Entrov Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Entrov is an AI-powered tool that simplifies partner sourcing for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging machine learning, Entrov helps sellers identify the best partners for their customers based on a variety of factors, including primary capabilities, supported industries, and B2B relationships. This intelligent approach to partner sourcing eliminates subjectivity and saves time, enabling sellers to close deals faster and increase deal sizes.


Paid Plans Start From $50/month

Key Features

  • AI-powered partner discovery: Entrov’s proprietary algorithm uses machine learning to identify the best partners for a given customer. This approach ensures that sellers are always connected with the most relevant partners, regardless of their location or industry.
  • Hyper-customized partner profiles: Entrov generates personalized partner profiles that highlight specific GTM assets and success stories tailored to the user’s desired use case. This makes it easy for sellers to quickly understand the value that a partner can bring to their business.
  • Streamlined partner sourcing process: Entrov’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and connect with partners. Sellers can simply enter their customer’s requirements and Entrov will generate a list of qualified partners.
  • Real-time partner insights: Entrov provides real-time insights into partner performance. This information can be used to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about partner relationships.
  • Integration with existing CRM systems: Entrov integrates with leading CRM systems, making it easy to incorporate partner sourcing into existing sales processes.

use Case

  • Identifying new partners: Entrov can be used to identify new partners that can expand a business’s reach or add new capabilities to its offerings.
  • Qualifying potential partners: Entrov can be used to qualify potential partners based on their experience, track record, and alignment with the business’s goals.
  • Evaluating existing partners: Entrov can be used to evaluate the performance of existing partners and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Managing partner relationships: Entrov can be used to manage partner relationships on an ongoing basis. This includes tracking partner activity, providing feedback, and resolving issues.

Entrov alternatives

How Entrov Works


Plan Users Partners Support Price
Basic 1 100 Email $50/month
Pro 5 500 Phone and email $150/month
Enterprise 10+ Unlimited Phone, email, and chat Custom pricing

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