Dover Autopilot Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Dover’s Sourcing Autopilot is a cloud-based software that automates the sourcing and outreach process for recruiters. It uses AI to find and email prospective candidates who match your job requirements, and it can even personalize the emails to increase response rates. Sourcing Autopilot is a powerful tool that can help you save time and reach more qualified candidates.


Paid Plans Start From $100/month

Key Features

  • Finds and emails prospective candidates who match your job requirements
  • Personalizes emails to increase response rates
  • Optimizes email send times for maximum response rates
  • Tracks email opens and clicks
  • Reports on sourcing metrics
  • Integrates with other recruiting software

use Case

A recruiter at a tech startup is looking to hire a new software engineer. They use Sourcing Autopilot to find candidates who match their job requirements. The software finds over 200 qualified candidates, and the recruiter sends personalized emails to each one. Within a week, the recruiter has received over 100 responses, and they have scheduled interviews with several of the top candidates.

Dover Autopilot alternatives

How Dover Autopilot Works


Sourcing Autopilot is free to use for the first 100 candidates. After that, the pricing is as follows:

  • 101-200 candidates: $100/month
  • 201-300 candidates: $150/month
  • 301-400 candidates: $200/month
  • 401+ candidates: $250/month

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