Dioptra Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Dioptra.ai is an MLOps tool that helps ML teams improve their models by detecting unlabeled data the model struggles with. It does this by first registering the metadata of the model’s input dataset, then using a data-centric toolkit to root cause model failure modes and regressions. Dioptra then samples the most valuable unlabeled data with its active learning miners, and provides APIs to integrate with the team’s labeling and retraining stack.


Paid Plans Start From $1,000/month

Key Features

  • Data-centric root cause analysis: Dioptra’s data-centric toolkit helps ML teams identify the specific data points that are causing their models to fail. This information can then be used to prioritize labeling and retraining efforts.
  • Active learning: Dioptra’s active learning miners sample the most valuable unlabeled data for labeling. This ensures that ML teams are spending their labeling resources on the data that will have the biggest impact on model performance.
  • Integration with labeling and retraining stacks: Dioptra provides APIs that can be integrated with the team’s labeling and retraining stack. This makes it easy to automate the process of improving ML models.

use Case

  • Dioptra can be used to improve the performance of any ML model that is struggling with unlabeled data. This includes models used for natural language processing, computer vision, and automated speech recognition.
  • Dioptra can also be used to improve the performance of ML models that are deployed in production. This is because Dioptra can continuously monitor the model’s performance and identify new data points that are causing the model to fail.

Dioptra alternatives

How Dioptra Works


Plan Price Features
Starter Free 1 user, 10K input dataset limit, bring your own embeddings, community Slack support
Team $1,000/month Up to 5 users, private projects, bring your own embeddings, automation & integration APIs, community Slack support, 2 week free trial, 250K input dataset limit
Enterprise Custom plan Everything from the Team plan plus, unlimited users, hybrid on prem and SaaS, embeddings trained for you, enterprise security (SSO, 2FA and more), dedicated support, 1 month pilot, unlimited input data

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