ColourGPT Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

ColourGPT is a web tool that uses ChatGPT to generate beautiful color palettes. Simply enter a prompt, such as “a color palette for a website about nature,” and ColourGPT will generate a palette of colors that are complementary and aesthetically pleasing. You can then preview the palette and copy the hex codes to use in your designs.


Paid Plans Start From $5 per month

Key Features

  • Generate color palettes from a variety of prompts, including:
    • A website about nature
    • A product page for a new phone
    • A marketing campaign for a clothing brand
  • Preview palettes in real time
  • Copy hex codes to use in your designs
  • Save palettes for future use
  • Share palettes with others

use Case

ColourGPT can be used by:

  • Web designers and developers to create beautiful and cohesive color palettes for their websites and apps
  • Product designers to create eye-catching product pages and marketing materials
  • Marketers to create engaging social media posts and ads
  • Artists and designers to create stunning works of art
  • Anyone who wants to create beautiful colors for any purpose

ColourGPT alternatives

How ColourGPT Works


Here is a table of the pricing for ColourGPT:

Plan Price
Free 100 palettes per month
Pro $5 per month
Enterprise Contact us for pricing

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