Chatterbox for ChatGPT Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Manuel Kehl is an independent software developer and designer who creates delightful apps for Apple platforms. His apps are known for their clean design, intuitive user interfaces, and powerful features.


Paid Plans Start From $5

Key Features

  • Chatterbox: A ChatGPT-powered app that lets you have conversations with your computer.
  • Zenitizer: A meditation app that helps you focus on the present moment.
  • Latermator: A productivity app that helps you focus on what matters and postpone what doesn’t.

use Case

  • Chatterbox can be used for customer support, education, or simply for having fun.
  • Zenitizer can be used to improve focus, reduce stress, and boost creativity.
  • Latermator can be used to manage your time, stay on track with your goals, and avoid procrastination.

Chatterbox for ChatGPT alternatives

How Chatterbox for ChatGPT Works


App Price
Chatterbox $5
Zenitizer $4
Latermator $3

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