Chatsimple Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Chatsimple is an AI chatbot that helps businesses boost lead generation, convert visitors to customers, and uncover valuable insights. It is easy to set up and use, requiring no coding experience. Chatsimple is trained on your website and data, so it can provide personalized and relevant responses to your customers. It can also be deployed across multiple platforms, so you can reach your customers wherever they are.


Paid Plans Start From $29/mo

Key Features

  • Boost lead generation: Chatsimple can help you answer customer questions, guide them through your website, and collect leads.
  • Convert visitors to customers: Chatsimple can provide personalized and relevant recommendations to your customers, helping them to find the products or services they are looking for.
  • Uncover valuable insights: Chatsimple can track your customer conversations and provide you with insights into their needs and interests.
  • Easy to set up and use: Chatsimple requires no coding experience and can be set up in minutes.
  • Deployed across multiple platforms: Chatsimple can be deployed across multiple platforms, including your website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

use Case

  • Ecommerce: Chatsimple can help you answer customer questions about products, provide product recommendations, and process orders.
  • SaaS: Chatsimple can help you provide customer support, answer questions about your product, and upsell or cross-sell to customers.
  • B2B: Chatsimple can help you qualify leads, schedule meetings, and provide customer support.

Chatsimple alternatives

How Chatsimple Works


Plan Features Price
Free Basic features $0
Starter Custom branding, basic analytics $29/mo
Pro Advanced analytics, priority support $99/mo
Enterprise Custom integrations, white-label solution Contact us

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