Callconnect Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Namely AI is an AI-powered sales assistant that helps businesses streamline their sales process and improve their results. It can automate sales calls and responses, design compelling product pitches, address objections, and gather insights into customer needs. Namely AI also helps businesses identify the best times to schedule demos and send detailed email summaries of calls. It can even conduct automatic A/B tests on sales calls to improve results.


Paid Plans Start From $99 per month

Key Features

  • Automate sales calls and responses
  • Design compelling product pitches
  • Address objections and overcome sales challenges
  • Gather insights into customer needs
  • Identify the best times for scheduling demos
  • Send detailed email summaries with call highlights and demo schedules
  • Conduct automatic A/B tests on sales calls for improved results
  • Generate comprehensive call logs for review before customer demos
  • Engage in natural, conversational dialogues beyond sales topics

use Case

A sales representative at a software company uses Namely AI to automate her sales calls. She sets up Namely AI with her contact information, product information, and sales script. When she calls a prospect, Namely AI automatically answers the call and introduces itself. It then asks the prospect a series of questions to gather information about their needs. Once Namely AI has gathered enough information, it hands the call over to the sales representative. The sales representative can then use the information that Namely AI gathered to tailor their pitch to the prospect’s specific needs.

Callconnect alternatives

How Callconnect Works


Plan Price
Starter $99 per month
Growth $199 per month
Pro $499 per month
Enterprise $999 per month

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