Built With AI Club Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Through a combination of expertly developed software and advanced AI technologies, the platform offers valuable insights, solutions, and resources that empower businesses to leverage AI for innovation and growth. From understanding the potential applications of AI to implementing AI-driven strategies, the platform serves as a comprehensive guide for both technical professionals and business leaders.


Paid Plans Start From $29.99

Key Features

  1. Industry Insights: Explore in-depth articles and case studies that demonstrate how AI is transforming industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more.
  2. AI Tools and Solutions: Access a curated collection of AI tools, software, and frameworks, accompanied by detailed guides for implementation and integration.
  3. Technical Expertise: Engage with expert insights from AI practitioners, software engineers, and data scientists, providing valuable guidance on AI development and best practices.
  4. Tutorials and Learning Resources: Gain hands-on experience through step-by-step tutorials, coding examples, and interactive learning resources that cover various AI concepts and techniques.
  5. Community Collaboration: Join a vibrant community of AI enthusiasts, professionals, and learners to exchange ideas, seek advice, and foster collaborations.

use Case

A pharmaceutical company aiming to accelerate drug discovery and development can benefit from. By accessing industry-specific insights, the company can understand how AI-driven algorithms are revolutionizing drug screening processes. They can then utilize the provided AI tools and solutions to develop their AI-powered drug screening model, significantly reducing the time and resources required for identifying potential drug candidates. Additionally, the technical expertise shared on the platform can guide their data scientists in refining the model’s accuracy and efficiency.

Built With AI Club alternatives

How Built With AI Club Works


Membership Tier Features Price per Month
Basic Industry Insights, Community Access $0
Pro All Basic features, AI Tools and Solutions $29.99
Premium All Pro features, Technical Expertise $59.99
Enterprise All Premium features, Dedicated Support Custom Quote

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