Breadcrumbs Reveal Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Breadcrumbs Reveal is a free tool that helps B2B go-to-market teams create a data-driven ideal customer profile (ICP). It analyzes your existing marketing, sales, and product data to highlight what attributes and actions are the best predictors of revenue. With Reveal, you can:

  • Identify your ICP based on your best customers
  • Understand the actions that predict a higher buying intent
  • Identify gaps in your data quality
  • Improve your lead scoring and qualification process
  • Align marketing and sales on your ICP


Paid Plans Start From $99 per month

Key Features

  • Data-driven ICP identification: Reveal uses machine learning to identify the attributes and actions that are the best predictors of revenue. This allows you to create a data-driven ICP that is more accurate and effective than a manual ICP.
  • Action-based insights: Reveal shows you the actions that your contacts are taking on your website or product. This helps you understand what they are interested in and how you can best engage with them.
  • Data quality assessment: Reveal provides insights into the quality of your data. This helps you identify gaps in your data and take steps to improve it.
  • Lead scoring and qualification: Reveal can be used to score and qualify leads. This helps you prioritize your leads and focus your efforts on the most promising ones.
  • Marketing and sales alignment: Reveal can help marketing and sales align on your ICP. This ensures that both teams are working towards the same goal of acquiring and retaining the right customers.

use Case

  • B2B SaaS companies can use Reveal to identify their ICP and improve their lead scoring and qualification process.
  • Ecommerce companies can use Reveal to understand the actions that their customers are taking on their website and improve their conversion rates.
  • B2B technology companies can use Reveal to identify their target customers and develop more effective marketing campaigns.
  • Non-profit organizations can use Reveal to understand their donors and improve their fundraising efforts.

Breadcrumbs Reveal alternatives

How Breadcrumbs Reveal Works


Plan Features Price
Free Data-driven ICP identification, action-based insights, data quality assessment, lead scoring and qualification Free
Pro All features of the Free plan, plus unlimited data analysis, advanced reporting, and customization options $99 per month

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