B2metric Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

B2Metric IQ Analytics is a behavioral AI platform that helps businesses understand customer behavior and make better decisions. The platform uses machine learning to analyze customer data and identify patterns. This information can be used to improve customer retention, increase sales, and optimize marketing campaigns.


Paid Plans Start From $99/month

Key Features

  • Automated machine learning: B2Metric IQ Analytics uses automated machine learning to build predictive models. This means that businesses don’t need to have any prior experience with machine learning in order to use the platform.
  • Multi-touch attribution: B2Metric IQ Analytics tracks customer journeys across multiple channels. This allows businesses to see how different marketing touchpoints impact customer behavior.
  • Personalization: B2Metric IQ Analytics can be used to personalize customer experiences. This can be done by recommending products, sending targeted emails, or displaying relevant content.
  • Reporting: B2Metric IQ Analytics provides detailed reports on customer behavior. This information can be used to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make better decisions.

use Case

B2Metric IQ Analytics can be used by businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Customer retention: B2Metric IQ Analytics can be used to identify customers who are at risk of churn. This information can be used to target these customers with special offers or other initiatives to keep them engaged.
  • Increased sales: B2Metric IQ Analytics can be used to identify products that are most likely to be purchased by customers. This information can be used to optimize product recommendations and pricing.
  • Optimized marketing campaigns: B2Metric IQ Analytics can be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This information can be used to improve the targeting and timing of future campaigns.

B2metric alternatives

How B2metric Works


Plan Price Features
Starter $99/month Basic behavioral AI, self-service, scalable
Professional $299/month Advanced behavioral AI, self-service, scalable
Enterprise $499/month Premium behavioral AI, self-service, scalable, white-labeling

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