Audioread Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

Audioread is a tool that allows you to listen to any article, PDF, email, or pasted text in your podcast app or browser. It uses ultra-realistic AI voices to create a natural and professional narration style. Audioread is perfect for people who want to “read” while they exercise, cook, commute, or do other things.


Paid Plans Start From 10 hours

Key Features

  • Ultra-realistic AI voices
  • Natural and professional narration style
  • Converts any text to audio
  • Listen in a podcast app or browser
  • Download MP3 files
  • Works on your computer or phone

use Case

  • Listen to articles while you exercise
  • Listen to PDFs while you cook
  • Listen to emails while you commute
  • Listen to any text while you do other things
  • Create your own audiobooks
  • Share your audiobooks with others

Audioread alternatives

How Audioread Works


  • Free plan: 1 hour of audio per month
  • Premium plan: 10 hours of audio per month
  • Business plan: Unlimited audio

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