AhaApple Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

AhaApple is a cloud-based product development platform that helps teams build better products, faster. With AhaApple, teams can collaborate on product requirements, roadmaps, and releases. They can also gather feedback from users, track progress, and measure the success of their products.


Paid Plans Start From $59/month

Key Features

  • Product Requirements: Aha! Apple makes it easy to capture, organize, and prioritize product requirements. Teams can use Aha! Apple to create user stories, acceptance criteria, and other documentation.
  • Roadmaps: Aha! Apple helps teams create and visualize product roadmaps. Teams can use Aha! Apple to track progress against their roadmaps and get feedback from stakeholders.
  • Releases: Aha! Apple helps teams manage product releases. Teams can use Aha! Apple to plan releases, track bugs, and deploy code.
  • Feedback: Aha! Apple helps teams gather feedback from users. Teams can use Aha! Apple to create surveys, polls, and user interviews.
  • Progress Tracking: Aha! Apple helps teams track progress on their products. Teams can use Aha! Apple to track features, bugs, and tasks.
  • Success Measurement: Aha! Apple helps teams measure the success of their products. Teams can use Aha! Apple to track user engagement, adoption, and revenue.

use Case

Aha! Apple can be used by a variety of teams, including product managers, software engineers, designers, and marketers. Here is a use case for Aha! Apple:

A product manager is working on a new feature for a mobile app. They use Aha! Apple to create a user story for the feature, define the acceptance criteria, and prioritize the feature on the product roadmap. The product manager then uses Aha! Apple to gather feedback from users about the feature. Once the feature is complete, the product manager uses Aha! Apple to track its progress and measure its success.

AhaApple alternatives

How AhaApple Works


Aha! Apple offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of different teams. The pricing plans are based on the number of users and the features that are included.

Plan Price Features
Free Free Basic product requirements, roadmaps, and releases
Starter $59/month All features in the Free plan, plus feedback, progress tracking, and success measurement
Professional $199/month All features in the Starter plan, plus unlimited users, advanced reporting, and integrations
Enterprise Contact sales All features in the Professional plan, plus custom branding, white-labeling, and dedicated support

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