ABtesting.ai Review 2024: Pricing AI Features & Alternative

ABtesting.ai is an AI-powered A/B testing platform that helps you improve your landing page conversions. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically suggest and execute A/B tests, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of A/B testing.


Paid Plans Start From $19/month

Key Features

  • Automated A/B testing: ABtesting.ai automatically suggests and executes A/B tests on your landing pages. You just need to provide the URL of your landing page and the AI will do the rest.
  • GPT-3 text suggestions: ABtesting.ai uses GPT-3 to generate automated text suggestions for your headline, copy, and call to action. This saves you time and effort, and helps you create more effective landing pages.
  • Multi-armed bandit approach: ABtesting.ai uses a multi-armed bandit approach to allocate traffic to your landing page variations. This ensures that you’re not wasting traffic on underperforming variations.
  • SEO friendly: ABtesting.ai is designed to be SEO friendly. Your landing pages will not be penalized by Google for using ABtesting.ai.

use Case

Let’s say you have a landing page for a new product that you’re trying to sell. You want to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, so you decide to use ABtesting.ai.

You provide the URL of your landing page to ABtesting.ai, and the AI automatically suggests a number of A/B tests that you can run. You choose one of the tests, and ABtesting.ai executes the test.

The test runs for a predetermined period of time, and then ABtesting.ai tells you which variation of your landing page performed better. You can then implement the winning variation on your landing page, and you’ll see an increase in conversions.

ABtesting.ai alternatives

How ABtesting.ai Works


Plan Price Features
Free $0 1 A/B test per month, 100 visitors per test
Basic $19/month Unlimited A/B tests, 1,000 visitors per test
Pro $49/month Unlimited A/B tests, 10,000 visitors per test
Enterprise Contact us Custom pricing, unlimited visitors per test

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